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"There is no such thing as a totally objective person, except almighty God, if she exists."                        ~Antonia Frazier

How The Sum Components can be used Interdependently to Support Institutional/Personal Growth


The three components below can each be provided on their own or together in any combination.  They can be adjusted or added over time. Together, these components are designed to institutionalize equity work within a three-year period and measure it using the PODS (Power of DIfference Survey).



Component 1 – Wide PODS Coverage


Component 1 involves providing the PODS online for the greatest number of individuals possible at whatever levels of the organization desired. This wide coverage fulfills the need for organizational/institutional language and a shared model for engaging in equity work as well as an introduction to, and emphasis on, one’s personal work.



Component 2 – Foundational Resource Team Development


Component 2 involves providing the PODS online for a foundational resource team of interested individuals along with at least 4 quarterly consulations/coaching sessions.  We recommend one or two people from each building or academic or other department depending on budget and priorities. This option would include the online PODS and four quarterly coaching sessions/consultations for each person throughout the school year to discuss individualized recommendations, problem solve issues, and process feelings/ideas. This option would include the facilitation of two face-to-face meetings with the whole group to get strengthen relationships and develop mutual resourcing strategies.



Component 3 – Online Equity Foundations Certification


The Online Equity Foundations Ceritfication is a groundbreaking professional opportunity for up to 20 team members.  Access can be purchased at $1,000 per person or $30,000 for groups up to 50.  The cost of this 6 day workshop in a residential, one-week format is between $70,000-$80,000 which must include lodging, food, facilitator fees, materials, etc.).  This online version offers unparalleled affordability, flexibility, and ease with unprecedented measureable outcomes using the Power of DIfferenceSurvey (PODS).  


The Online Equity Foundations Ceritfication is a 45 hour, 15-module (3 hours per module), online professional development institute based on the PODS/PODM.  Each module requires about 3 hours of work (similar to a 3 credit college course). It is a “hybrid” experience intended to gather participants on weekly for a 1-hour face-to-face meeting time. The institute utilizes both commercially prepared videos (like Race the Power of an Illusion, Tough Guise, etc.) as well as content focused PowerPoint videos developed by The Sum.  The remainder of the time is composed of experiential activities and online small group meetings and live chats between partners.  The Constructivist Listening Model is utilized heavily at these times for processing learnings, feelings, and ideas.  The program can be administered on your Blackboard Learning Management System or our sever (Moodle).

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