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"There is no such thing as a totally objective person, except almighty God, if she exists."                        ~Antonia Frazier

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GENERAL Workshop Summary


Our workshops create opportunities for people to answer, together, three questions:


1. What are the gifts we each bring and how do we cultivate and share those gifts?


2. What are the skills and support we need to cultivate authentic community that honors and celebrates our common humanity and our gifts and differences both on an individual and group level: differences of race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, class, age, ability, nationality, language, personality, appearance, experience, politics, sex, gender identity and expression?


3. How may our lives, our gifts, and our communities, be seeds for a thriving, diverse, and authentically democratic world that is sustainable, non-violent, and just...in which no one stands alone, in which we all have lifelong support, which uses technology responsibly, and which honors our connection to our ancestors, those to come, the natural world, and one another?




In our experience, it requires about 40 hours of tailored support, where a person needs it, to progress significantly (see "our model" under the "Us" tab).  This time can be in a single week or broken into sections over a year..our site or yours. Our basic workshops experientially explore various models related to power/difference, introduce essential skills and cultivate mutual support using the group itself as our context for learning about diversity and the development of awareness and communication across difference.  These workshops are for everyone: community organizers, educators, business people, healthcare professionals, law enforcement.  Workshops generally focus on the intersectional nature of our differences of race, ethnicity, gender, religion, socio-economic level, nationality, ability, sexual orientation, and age.  They can be adapted to emphasize one or more these aspects or to a field specific application (education, healthcare, business, etc).  If time/funding can provide only a an introduction to this important work we are happy to support that beginning!


Participants will leave with expanded abilities to:


  • Be aware of our impact on others apart from our intentions and know how to support that awareness through effective feedback structures

  • Understand of the dynamics of systemic power and privilege and how that understanding relates to social and cultural differences.

  • Come to terms with our interest in obscuring our own investment in these systems and the feelings that arise from this exploration--sitting with that grief and fear

  • Experience community and discern what works for us and what doesn't: mentoring, safe feedback structures, deep listening, supportive facilitation, and open-hearted dialogue  

  • Develop and practice skills for engaging struggle and conflict across our differences

  • Catalyze the understanding, appreciation, and unleashing of our own gifts and engagement with our lives



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