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"I am the dialogue betweeen myself and el spiritu del mundo.  I change myself I change the world."                    

                                                                  ~Gloria Anzualdua

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1. Please complete and submit your name and email in the form below.


2. We will send you the web address and a password within 24 hours.


3. At the completion of your survey (which takes about 30 minutes) you will be directed to a calendar where you can select the time for your one-hour phone consultation.  


4. Your results will be emailed to you before your consultation.  


5. At the completion of your consultation we will send you a link where you can choose an amount ($5-$400) via Paypal using a debit or credit card.  We ask you to pay what ever amount you can both afford and which reflects the value you received.




















It is helpful to arrange to take the survey in an environment that is quiet and allows you to focus. 18 demographic questions are included before the survey...please give these your full attention as the points given for some items within the survey itself depend on how you identify your socio-cultural location. The PODS is comprised of 70 statements and survey takers are asked to identify their level of agreement with each one.





  • Non-Profits/K12/Higher Education/Human Services/Government/Law Enforcement: $125 per person

  • For Profit: : $200 per person

  • A group result is also available for live consulations/workshops. Larger group rates are also available. Key organizational representatives may take the PODS at no cost--please contact us.



Please contact us with any questions: info@thesum.org or 315-775-7530.

Taking the Power of Difference Survey (PODS) 

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