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"The first principle of non-violent action is that of non-cooperation with everything humiliating."


                                                             ~Cesar Chavez

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The Power of Difference: Foundations Certification Program


The Why:


Most of us have good intentions across our differences. And our intentions don’t always match our impact.  Others of us aren't sure how to have pride without prejudice.  Still others can feel stuck and confused by our wish not to offend. To create meaningful change in the world we must begin with ourselves. This certification program is designed to move beyond blame, guilt, and shame, to unleash your unique and noble brilliance, passion, and courage for a life, organization, community and world where no one stands alone.



The What:


The Power of Difference Foundations Certification program (PDFC) is a 48 hour, 15-module (~3 hours per module), professional development that can be administered online or in-person.  It can be adapted for any field: faculty/staff in higher education, K12, law enforcement, non-profits, government, human services, business, or healthcare.



Online Version:


The online program utilizes both commercially prepared videos (like "Race the Power of an Illusion," "Tough Guise," etc.) as well as content developed by The Sum.  Small group meetings and live chats between partners in virtual "rooms" are used for processing learnings, feelings, and ideas. The online program can be run on Blackboard or our system (Moodle).  Organizations can join existing co-horts or organize their own.  



Live Version:


The live program occurs in three 2-day sessions:


1. Introductory Frameworks

2. Exploring Socio-Cultural Differences

3. Application and Synthesis.  


Each day runs 8-5 at our study center in Charlottesville: 914 E. Jefferson St, Suite G4.

Session 1 can be taken by itself. 1 college credit is available. Sessions 2 and 3 are conducted in cohorts of no more than 15.  3 credits are available upon completion of all three sessions. Credits are an additional $55 each paid to Adams State University ($165 for all 3 credits).



The Cost:


The cost for each of the three 2-day sessions in the certification program is $200.  Additionally, the Power of Difference Survey is $150 for each of two required administrations and one-on-one consultations (pre and post)--making the total for the whole certification program (both online and live): $900 ($200 x 3 sessions plus $300 for the PDS).  Food/Lodging is not included in this cost.





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