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"The first principle of non-violent action is that of non-cooperation with everything humiliating."


                                                 ~Cesar Chavez

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Online Institutes:


•  The Online Equity Leadership Institute can be geared toward groups and organizations as small as two people or as large as necessary. The cost of this Institute in a residential, one-week face to fce format is between $70,000-$80,000 (lodging, food, facilitator fees, materials, etc.) for 20 participants.  This online version will offer unparalleled affordability, flexibility, and ease with unprecedented measureable outcomes.  The fee is $1000 per participant for the equivalent of a 3-credit course (a sliding scale is available).  This is about 2/3 of the cost of the average cost per credit in higher education.


•  The Institute has been developed as a partnership between The Sum (a 501c3 non-profit) and Adams State University in Colorado (a Hispanic Serving Institution/HSI) and represents a ground-breaking professional development institute for any field: Faculty/staff in higher education, K12, law enforcement, government, human services, business, or healthcare.


•  A single-use purchase of the institute can be administered or a licensing contract may be purchased for a predetermined number of semesters/years.


The Why:

Most of us have the intention to positively impact the lives of all people across race, sexual orientation, religion, gender, dis/ability, socio-economic class, and ethnicity.  As you are well aware, intentions don’t always match impact, and our institutions and organizations often face challenges which hamper rising to the full measure of our missions.  In our personal and professional roles, we can become mired in ethical relativity, replay societal power dynamics, or minimize the differences that really matter to those we serve.


The Institute is designed to move beyond blame and shame, to build on the personal strengths of each particiapant.  It will identify and impart individualized fundamental skills and awareness to effectively engage with the socio-cultural differences of all people. It will help participants to match intention and impact, become empowered, and unleash their unique passion and professional skill.


The What:


The Equity Online Leadership Institute is a 45 hour, 15-module (3 hours per module), online professional development Institute that can be adapted for any field--and for college students.  Each module requires about 3 hours of work (similar to a 3 credit course). It is a “hybrid” experience intended to gather participants on four occasions for a 1-hour face-to-face meeting time with the whole group.  A little over half of the institute is asynchronous--utilizing both commercially prepared videos (like Race the Power of an Illusion, Tough Guise, etc.) as well as content focused PowerPoint videos developed by The Sum.  The remainder of the time is composed of online small group meetings and live chats between partners.  The Constructivist Listening Model is utilized heavily at these times for processing learnings, feelings, and ideas. The Institute was created for Blackboard with weekly live chats occurring in Blackboard Collaborate (can be adjusted for most Learning Management Systems).







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