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"Elliott immediately makes you feel comfortable, like it’s safe to be you.  He listens, he notices, he pays attention to the things that are important to you, often when you didn’t even notice them yourself.  He has a deep understanding of many of the issues that we all face when making our way through this world such as race or gender identity.  He hears you without judgment and gently guides without pushing you in any direction that you aren’t ready to go.   Elliott always has unique perspective to share; a way to see things that you never would have thought of on your own, and that perspective is almost always the exact thing that you needed to hear to open your heart and mind to the next thing on your journey."                                                                      

                                               Emily Bodfish, Parent/Teacher

"I have been coached by Elliott on and off for over two decades, I can say with confidence that he demonstrates characteristics crucial to tackling this responsibility! He is humble. He has enough perspective to realize there are many viable life paths—a perspective he gained from varied endeavors such as being a prinicpal, a teacher, a professor, a parent, and a mentor/coach/adopted parent to many, many people. He has a strong foundation in communication, and his choice of language reveals awareness of how various individuals might interpret him. He has amazing compassion. He has strong values without being narrow-minded. He is highly engaged in his interactions and incessantly hones and updates his philosophical conclusions. I have not met many people as curious, energetic and dedicated to exploring life purpose as Elliott—all attributes which make for a powerful mentor and coach."                                                                                 

                                           Katherine Michalak, Graduate Student

"I've had the benefit of Elliott's coaching for a long time!  Elliott introduced very hard concepts, realities, and conversations which ultimately were instrumental in fostering a consciousness that has served me profoundly in the communities and livelihood I have built since. It's difficult to articulate what actual techniques and regiments resonated with me so much, but I can say that Elliott approaches people with an attitude that is inherently inviting to generate conversation.  It stemmed from the recognition that, not only do these hard conversations about privilege, structural inequality, grief, expectations, creative expression, need to be had, but engaging people to lead them generates such a personal and vulnerable space, which in and of itself allows a lot of work to be done. I could talk at end about Elliot's personality, and his qualifications, but I think its this deep rooted philosophy that makes him an exceptional coach."  

                                              Elias McComb, Graduate Student

With the Power of Difference Survey as a guide, we can create and support you with a totally individualized plan for your learning.  Weekly?  Bi-weekly? Over a summer?  A semester?  A year?  We can give you the specific support you need to:

  • Align your intention and impact across race, religion, sexual orientation, dis/ability, socio-economic status, ethnicity, and gender

  • Power-up!

  • Unleash your noble brilliance




All at your pace.  In your space!


Learn to stand immovably at the crossroads of power and difference whatever your field: healthcare, business, government, education, law enforcement, community organizations...


$150 per hour--sliding scale available. Submit the form below and we'll be in contact within 48 hours.


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"The function of freedom is to set someone else free."


                                                                     ~Toni Morrison