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"I am the dialogue betweeen myself and el spiritu del mundo.  I change myself I change the world."                    

                                                                            ~Gloria Anzualdua

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Organizational cost is $150 per person which includes taking the assessment online, receiving your 4-page results, and a one-hour consultation.  A sliding scale is available--options will appear when you click the arrows next to the cost on the "pay now" button below.


When you're ready to take the assessment, click the "pay now" button which will take you to the Paypal site (once there click the bottom gray button "Pay with Debit or Credit Card).  Once you complete payment using a debit or credit card you will be directed to assessment site automatically.


At the completion of your survey (which takes about 20 minutes) you will be directed to a calendar where you can select the time for your one-hour phone consultation.  


Your results will be emailed to you before your consultation.


An anonymous group result is also available for live consulations/workshops.


Key organizational representatives may take the assessment at no cost--please contact us.









It is helpful to arrange to take the PDA in an environment that is quiet and allows you to focus.  We recommend taking it on a laptop or desktop rather than a cell phone. 19 demographic questions are included before the assessment...please give these your full attention as the points given for some items within the assessment itself depend on how you identify your socio-cultural location. The PDA is comprised of 70 statements and assessment takers are asked to identify their level of agreement with each one.

Taking the Power of Difference Assessment (PDA) 

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